Welcome to An Gairdín Beo, a two-acre community garden in the centre of Carlow town where people work together then reap the rewards together. 


Our Vision


The overall vision of the project is of a space in which diverse people can connect more to nature, to the growing and making of food and to each other.

The ethos of the garden is based on an ecological orientation, on valuing diversity, sustainability and indigenous species. It recognises that we, as humans, are part of nature too. It is committed to the preservation and protection of the site as a green area for the greatest diversity of life possible.


Our Mission


The project will achieve its aims by a combination of:

♥        A beautiful, enchanting, ‘natural’ secret garden area, with design links to the foraging environment and the social narratives of Carlow County.

         Growing areas for individual community groups.

         Initiatives and events which welcome local individuals to participate and to connect.

         Opportunities for people to cook and eat together.

         Collaborative arts projects.

         Education, learning, meeting and activity spaces.

         A natural play area.

         Events specifically designed to promote social inclusion and to build links between groups.

The success of the project will be based on inclusiveness, a collaborative approach to management, valuing a sense of community, respecting nature and biodiversity, linking with the heritage of what has gone before, evolving organically over time and sharing learning as we go. All aspects of the project will contribute towards positive mental health.