Tuesday, 31 May 2016

We're having a Street Feast in the Garden, Come Join Us

What is Street Feast? 

ChangeX Street Feast is happening in communities all over Ireland on 12 June. It is a neighbourhood street party aimed at encouraging inclusion and strengthening neighbourhoods. An Gairdín Beo is the perfect location for this event while also creating a gathering to let the neighbours know the stage the garden is at.

Why run a Street Feast? 

There are obviously many good reasons to run a Street Feast; here are a few suggestions:

  • Be part of a national annual feast day of community celebration. 
  • Show off the garden. 
  • Help support community initiatives around the country. 
  • Celebrate how multi-cultural and diverse Ireland’s neighbourhoods have become. 
  • Meet and (re)connect with neighbours. 
  • Share a simple, creative, self-organised lunch. 
  • Proclaim our love for locally grown food. 
  • Feel safer around our communities in the future. 

As the Carlow Arts Festival is on at this time, Artist Clodagh Emoe and participants from Spinosa will visit and join in the activities. The group will continue on to the river Barrow where they will perform an art installation as part of the festival.

What to bring? 

This is a free event but it needs your involvement to make it happen. You will need to bring: Some food for sharing Chairs Disposable plates, cups and non alcoholic drinks If you play an instrument, bring it along!

Hope to see you there.